ProductWAPD - Worldwide API Producers Database


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WAPD - Worldwide API Producers Database

Our worldwide API producers database is the most robust, up-to-date, and full-featured API producers database available. Here’s what makes ours different and special:

  • Fully curated data means accurate and verified data.
  • In addition to verified producers, includes other possible producers so you don’t missing a single, possible manufacturing source.
  • No trading companies included. – manufacturers only.
  • Our producers data is integrated with regulatory approvals and GMP certification so you get the total global picture of the companies who produce the APIs you’re interested in.
  • Our data is integrated with regulatory approvals:
    • US DMFs;
    • VMFs;
    • COSs;
    • Japanese DMFs;
    • Korean DMFs;
    • GMP Certification;
    • FDA inspection data;
    • European GMP;
    • Chinese GMP;
    • Indian GMP;
    • and WHO GMP.
  • Search for multiple salts in the same search. Why do different searches to see the producers of the sulfate, hydrochloride, phosphate, etc?
  • Includes approximately 3,000 API producers in 86 countries worldwide.
  • Includes approximately 30,000 API names including synonyms so you can search using the name that you know for the molecule.
  • All APIs are tied together by synonyms so you’ll get the same results if you search for Acetaminophen or Paracetamol.
  • Search by API name, CAS number, or by company.

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