Empower your research with our Single Search capability

Access comprehensive data on either active ingredients or intermediates with a single query. Optimize your research and development with our detailed reports to propel your projects forward efficiently and cost effectively.

For as little as $300 per molecule!

Making complicated chemistry easy for non-chemist business professionals.

After almost 30 years in business, our company has become the most proficient at taking complicated chemical reactions and sequences and making them understandable, and usable, to the non-chemist business professionals.

We are the industry leading quintessential bridge between chemists and chemistry across to the business community.

While chemists can view our manufacturing processes of active ingredients by viewing the reactions via structures, the business professional can view our lists of intermediates, reagents, catalysts and technologies used to manufacture those active ingredients.

We then link these active ingredients to companies with regulatory certificates telling you the most important active ingredient producers worldwide and the intermediates in their production.

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