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Single Search

  1. Objectives and Data Sources

Single Search by Becker Data simplifies the way you access detailed information about active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. With just one search, receive comprehensive PDF reports that cover every aspect you need to know. Our goal is to make information access seamless, affordable, and efficient for all our customers.

Key Features:

– Affordable Pricing: Single searches range from $300-$400 per molecule, designed to fit into expense reports without requiring higher-level approval.

– Flexible Packages: Choose from packages of 1, 3, 5, or 10 searches to suit your needs.

III. Search Options

  1. Active Ingredient: Name, partial name, or CAS number.
  2. Intermediate: Name, partial name, or CAS number.
  1. Active Ingredient Search

Upon selecting an active ingredient, receive the following comprehensive reports:

  1. Monograph: Essential summary and general information about the active ingredient.
  2. Reaction Sequence: Detailed manufacturing recipe, including structural diagrams.
  3. Intermediates: Complete list of intermediates used in the production of the active ingredient.
  4. Patent Expiry: Information on patent term extensions and protection certificates across 35 countries.
  5. Producers: A global list of producers with regulatory approvals and GMP certifications.
  6. Orange Book Approvals: FDA dosage form approvals for the selected API.
  1. Intermediate Search

When selecting an intermediate, you’ll receive detailed reports including:

  1. Monograph: Key summary and general information about the intermediate.
  2. Active Ingredients: List of all active ingredients manufactured using the intermediate.
  3. Users: Discover who uses the intermediate and in what specific API production, essential for sales and marketing strategies.

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