ProductBIC – Becker Intermediates Catalogue


BIC - Becker Intermediates Catalogue

The BIC is the chemistry portion of the life science data. It describes in detail the chemistry of production processes from commodities to active ingredient via intermediates, technologies, name reactions and working conditions.

The BIC tells you what intermediates are used to produce almost any active ingredient regardless of its phase; pre-clinical, clinical and launched. It also tells you what technologies are used to produce the active ingredient.

In addition to helping you fully understand the chemistry, the BIC includes information for the non-chemist as well. While the monographs of chemical reactions are intended for the chemist, the BIC also includes data in a listing format for the non-chemist business professional.

For example, you can get:

The BIC includes:

  • Over 24,200 active ingredients (AI) from pre-clinical to launch
  • Key intermediates among 60,700 chemicals for future manufacturing intelligence
  • Reaction pathways from commodities to end product
  • Technologies and reactions, reagents, catalysts and chemical classes linked with active ingredients
  • Necessary chemistry to identify non-infringing routes
  • Patent information which describes synthesis of life science molecules
  • Link to DMFs, VMFs, CEPs to find authoritative producers of the active pharmaceutical ingredients

The BIC has a very robust searching algorithm. You can search by just about any attribute or data item.

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